Larry McCall

MS Information Systems

BBA Accounting

We have great ideas. Our organization takes the approach that your team must have input into the design of the website. Our job is to tell you what is possible and how it impacts your audience. We will stress the importance that the ideas also work on multiple devices. We received a $5,000 grant to attend a recent WOZ University workshop/bootcamp and we now have many new tools and ideas. The world of websites is forever growing and changing.

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Muhammad Umar Arshad

Chief Design Engineer

Muhammad is the Mechanical Engineer and Managing Partner and Chief Design Engineer with GeekTechCenter.com with more than 5 years of experience in Engineering, Design, Product Development, and Manufacturing process. GeekTechCenter offers you all kind of 3D printing Services especially in customized COVID 19 PPE (Personal Protective Equipments)Feel free to order your cheapest and personalized COVID 19 PPE Fast turnaround, great customer service, satisfaction guaranteed!

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